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28 Sep 2015

Towards Global EU-Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

In the framework of the EU action against trafficking in human beings (THB), the project “Towards global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings”, which is the subject of this report, facilitated the elaboration and adoption of the Council of Ministers of an Action Oriented Paper (AOP) on the external dimension of EU justice and home affairs policies on trafficking in human beings during the Swedish Presidency (July-December 2009). The AOP provides a consolidated framework for the EU (Member States and European Commission) containing an integrated compendium of external actions as well as cooperation measures on countering-trafficking in human beings and addressing the root causes of human trafficking in the countries of origin.

The objectives of the project were to improve co-operation and coordination of EU-action against trafficking in persons vis-à-vis third countries; enhance coherence between different policy areas in the fight against THB; improve data collection and analysis of the phenomenon; develop an unambiguous approach to support and protect victims of human trafficking; contribute towards the adoption of the AOP.

The report details the objectives, activities and results of the project and attempt to provide an insight into necessary future steps to ensure that fewer human beings endure the scourge of trafficking by outlining a set of recommendations for future action.

  • Foreword by the International Organization for Migration and Swedish Ministry of Justice 
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Analysis of the Subject 
  • Objectives and Activities of the Project 
  • Stockholm Programme
  • Recommendations and Follow-up Actions for the Implementation of the Action-Oriented Paper
  • Bibliography
  • Annexes