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02 Jul 2019

Substance Use Primary Prevention Campaign Effectiveness Measurement Survey Report

Psychoactive Substance Use Primary Prevention Campaign Project

This report presents the results of the survey that assesses the effectiveness of the substance use primary prevention campaign conducted by the International Organization for Migration and relevant stakeholders. It depicts findings related to changes in the awareness of migrant and ethnic minority school children with regard to risks of the use of specific psychoactive substances subsequent to the implementation of the primary prevention campaign in the public school setting.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Background
    • Importance of addressing the issue
    • How and why the issue emerged
    • Purpose of the research, with explicit identification of research questions
    • Significance of the research
    • Literature review
    • Theoretical underpinnings, substantive contents and limitations of school-based substance use prevention programming
    • Keys to success of substance use prevention programming for school-aged children
  • Study participants and sampling frame
    • Rationale for selecting Tbilisi Public School No. 64
    • About Tbilisi City
    • Rationale for selecting the sample
  • Methodology
    • The intervention
    • Pre- and post-intervention surveys
  • Findings
    • Awareness of different substances
    • Awareness of risks related to drug use
    • Basic sources of information about drugs
    • Preferred sources of information about drugs
    • Young people’s ways of seeking support
  • Conclusions
    • Prior to the intervention
    • Comparative conclusions for the pre- and post-test results
    • Overall conclusion
  • Appendix 1: Information sheet
  • Appendix 2: Consent form
  • Appendix 3: Survey protocol
    • Survey methodology
    • Focus group discussion themes
    • Focus group discussion questions
    • Data management
    • Intervention: Information campaign aimed at primary prevention of tobacco, alcohol and psychoactive substance use
  • Appendix 4: Focus group discussion guide
    • Goal of the survey
    • Methodology
    • Focus group discussion themes
    • Focus group discussion questions
    • Survey process
    • Data management