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23 Oct 2015

Stop Trafficking (Essay Journal) (Armenian)

As part of a campaign on preventing human trafficking, the IOM and its partner NGO-s (the Armenian UN Association; Education for Sustainable Development Foundation and Helsinki Citizens Assembly) organized an Essay Competition on Trafficking issues with involvement of junior Journalist clubs.  In parallel a Painting contest under the slogan “No Bartering of Human Lives” was organized among the teenagers at the Art centers in Armenia.  As a result, an Essay Journal containing the best essays of the students and the paintings was published.   Teenagers and young people talk on trafficking via their art works, share their insights and perceptions, advocate their peers and all to be more prudent and come together with the desire to have safe and secured world. 

The brochure was developed within the framework of the “Secondary School Education to Contribute to the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia” Regional Project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

This publication has been issued without formal editing by the Publications Unit of IOM.