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28 Sep 2015

Shattered Dreams: Report on Trafficking in Persons in Azerbaijan

The social group most vulnerable to traffickers in Azerbaijan is that of women aged 19-35, whose education levels do not exceed that of secondary school. Poor social and economic conditions are the factors contributing to their vulnerability. Trafficking in women from Azerbaijan is to a large part directed towards Turkey and the UAE. This report confirms that female migrants depend entirely upon traffickers in their migration abroad and as a result, suffer from indebtedness, extortion, isolation, violence, health risks, and lack of freedom of movement.

An examination of the government's response to the problem and of national legislation reveals gaps and highlights the need to develop a counter-trafficking legal system to prosecute traffickers and protect victims.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Voices of Trafficked Victims Heard for the First Time
  • Chapter 2: The United Arab Emirates: A Case Study
  • Chapter 3: Legislative Framework and Government Response
  • Chapter 4: Assessment of National NGOs and Mass Media
  • Chapter 5: Developing a Counter-Trafficking Strategy
  • Conclusions and Recommendations