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28 Sep 2015

In Search of Dreams: Study on the Situation of the Trafficked Women and Children from Bangladesh and Nepal to India

To enhance better understanding of the dynamics of regional trafficking and to assist victims which will help to develop a regional strategy to prevent trafficking, International Organization for Migration initiated a comprehensive research in 1999. The objectives of the research project were to understand the phenomenon of trafficked women, men and children from Bangladesh and Nepal to India, identify possible areas of assistance to the victims of trafficking and to analyse perception of migration realities in order to develop information dissemination strategies for prevention of trafficking.

  • Acknowledgement
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Profile of the Respondents
  • Reasons for Leaving
  • Prior Information and Sources of Information
  • Crossing the Border
  • Starting Life Anew
  • Striking Roots
  • Summary and Conclusion