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02 Oct 2015

Resource Book for Law Enforcement Officers on Good Practices in Combating Child Trafficking

The Resource Book presents current good practices and recommendations, recognized by an international team of experts having extensive knowledge on the topic. The publication further includes innovative techniques and practical information based on inputs from national and international experts from law enforcement, medical science and civil society.

Having briefly introduced the legal background on the area of combating child trafficking, the Resource Book elaborates good practices on: Age assessment/Identification of the child; Investigative methods; Interviewing techniques; and Cooperation between law enforcement authorities and NGOs/social service providers.

The Resource Book is the result of the project "Comprehensive Training for Law Enforcement Authorities Responsible for Trafficking in Children/Minors" implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Vienna on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior and supported by the 2005 AGIS Programme of the European Union - Directorate General Justice Freedom and Security.

  • Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Introduction 
  • I. Background Information on Child Trafficking 
  • II. Age Assessment 
  • III. Investigative Methods 
  • IV. Interviewing Techniques 
  • V. Cooperation between Law Enforcement Authorities and NGOs/Social Service Providers 
  • Recommendations
  • List of Contributing Experts to the Resource Book
  • List of the Members of the Advisory Board
  • Index of figures
  • List of Background Documents with Web Links