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09 Dic 2016

Regional Guidelines for the Development of Bilateral Labour Agreements in the Southern African Development Community

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Bilateral labour agreements (BLAs) are part of the broader set of frameworks, laws, technical instruments and practices that make up national labour migration policies. Improving the quality and efficiency of BLAs in ensuring rights-based labour migration requires State and non-State actors (social partners and key stakeholders) involved in the development and implementation of BLAs to develop their expertise and capacity in this increasingly technical area. This guide is designed to assist the South African Development Community Member States and other stakeholder organizations and institutions to increase their knowledge of existing standards, frameworks and good practices, as well as to provide an accurate understanding of the technical processes and components of BLAs.

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of tables, boxes and figures
  • List of acronyms
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
    • Section I. Concise overview of international, regional, and SADC standards and frameworks relevant to bilateral labour agreements
    • Section II. The bilateral labour agreement cycle
    • Section III. Recommendations to stakeholders in the Southern African Development Community
  • References
  • Annex. Existing Indicators for the Assessment of Bilateral Labour Agreements against International Labour Standards