Resumen Descriptivo: 

Regional Consultative Processes on Migration (RCPs) are important mechanisms that foster inter-State cooperation and partnership on migration issues by bringing states together for informal, non-binding dialogue at the regional level. This Information Sheet provides an overview of  the characteristics of RCPs and their effects on the migration governance process. It further highlights the role of  the Global Meetings of Chairs and Secretariats of RCPs that are held on a biennial basis and gives examples of forms of RCPs' interaction with other forums and partners. Finally, the Information  Sheet  provides an overview of the Principal RCPs and their current priorities.

  • What is an RCP?
  • Effects of RCPs on the Migration Governance Process
  • When do RCPs work best?
  • RCPs: Global meetings and interaction with other forums and partners
  • Overview of the Principal RCPs