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28 Sep 2015

In Pursuit of the Southern Dream: Victims of Necessity

Assessment of the irregular movement of men from East Africa and the Horn to South Africa

This report highlights a poorly documented phenomenon: the scope and nature of irregular migration and human smuggling of men from East Africa and the Horn towards South Africa. It addresses the issues of protection, human rights abuses, corruption, complicity of public officials, as well as the related border management challenges.

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction and definitions
  • Methodology
  • Trafficking trade: No evidence along the horn to south corridor
  • Abandoning ship: Why the growing exodus to the Republic of South Africa
  • Choices of passage: Smuggling routes from the Horn and East Africa to RSA
  • The chain gangs: Smuggling networks, affiliations and profiles
  • Rites of passage: Victims of necessity
  • Alliances: Collusion, complicity and human rights violations
  • A harsh welcome: Realities facing Somali and Ethiopian migrants in RSA
  • Paying for the dream: Financing irregular migration and the economics of smuggling
  • De-demonizing irregular migrants: issues of status, protection and legal harmony
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography
  • Annexes