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07 Oct 2015

Processing Readmission Cases in Armenia: Guide and Training Materials for Officials of the State Bodies Mandated to Process Readmission Cases

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Presented in orderly fashion, this manual contains useful information on the readmission process, as well as detailed references to the Agreement signed between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union on 19 April 2013. 
The manual also spells out individual articles of the Agreement, including matters pertaining to the enforcement and monitoring of the Agreement. Also, sub-legislative acts of the Republic of Armenia intended to secure the processing of incoming applications under readmission agreements have been analysed.
Special attention has been given to questions that may give rise to issues during the enforcement of the Agreement, and their specific solutions have been suggested.
The publication is beneficial for staff members of the appropriate authorities of the Republic of Armenia involved in the readmission process and non-governmental organizations, students and researchers interested in the subject matter.