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22 Sep 2015

Pilot Study: Tourist Marriage in Yemen

This publication, Tourist Marriage in Ibb, assesses the phenomenon of tourist marriage, defining tourist marriage as a temporary, formal union between a Yemeni female and a man from an Arabian Gulf country. The pilot study explores the economic and social dimensions and consequences of tourist marriage, and highlights its impact on young Yemeni females and their families. The research identifies how tourist marriage is a form of human trafficking because the groom deceives the young bride and her parents and with the purpose to use her in the short term (e.g. one week to one month) for sexual exploitation. The study concludes that, although the tourist marriage trend in Ibb declined in recent years, there are allegations of the trend's presence in other Yemen Governorates. The research offers a list of recommendations for the Government of Yemen, the international community, and national civil society organizations to take action and strengthen the response against human trafficking.

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Tables
  • List of Acronyms
  • Terminology
  • Executive Summary
  • I. Introduction
    • 1. Background
    • 2. Republic of Yemen’s International Treaty Obligations and Tourist Marriage
  • II. Marriage IN Yemen
    • 1. The Legal Framework
    • 2. The Social Context
    • 3. Economics and Marriage
    • 4. Marriage Age
    • 5. Temporary Marriage
  • III. The Practice of Tourist Marriage
    • 1. The Phenomenon of Tourist Marriage
    • 2. Driving Forces
    • 3. Intermediaries and Tourist Marriage “Grooms”
    • 4. The Consequences for Tourist Marriage Brides
    • 5. Tourist Marriage: Negative Social Practice or Human Trafficking?
    • 6. Government Efforts to Combat Tourist Marriage
    • 7. Media and Community Awareness about Tourist Marriage
    • 8. Conclusion
  • IV. Recommendations for Discussions
    • 1. Recommendations
    • 2. Recommended Topics for Further Study
  • Annex 1: Research Methodology
  • Annex 2: Bibliography
  • Annex 3: Republic of Yemen’s Treaty Signatory Status
  • Annex 4: Marriage in Yemen
  • Annex 5: Arab Tourist Visitors to Yemen