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10 Nov 2015

MRS No. 26 - Engaging Diasporas as Development Partners for Home and Destination Countries: Challenges for Policymakers

This publication explores different challenges posed to home and host country governments engaging with their diasporas for development purposes. How to define diasporas? How to gather data on diasporas? How to incorporate diaspora contributions into development strategies? How to identify most relevant partners within the diasporas? What incentives are conducive to diaspora contributions? What resources are available within diasporas and how can their impact on development be maximized? What is the role for policy? These are some of the questions raised in this publication.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Defining and Gathering Data on Diasporas
  • Incorporating Diaspora Contributions into Development Strategies
  • Partnering with Relevant Diasporas
  • Defining Home Country Programmes and Incentives Conducive to Diaspora Engagement for Development
  • Identifying Diaspora Resources for Development
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Annex
  • References