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07 Nov 2015

MRS No. 2 - Combating Trafficking in South-East Asia

A Review of Policy and Programme Responses

The Migration Research Series (MRS) presents the findings of research projects managed by IOM’s Research Unit in Geneva, and studies prepared by IOM staff and its field offices. The series is designed to bring the results of policy-relevant migration research to the attention of a broader audience more quickly than would be possible in academic journals and books.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Poverty and unemployment - the context in which trafficking has developed
  • Status of women in Russian society
  • Criminalization and the state
  • Criminals, organized crime, prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation
  • Victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Destination countries for transnational trafficking from the Russian Federation
  • Laws and legislation
  • Role of prevention programmes
  • Conclusions
  • End Notes