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29 Nov 2017

Migration Research Leaders' Syndicate

IOM has established the Migration Research Leaders Syndicate to support the development of the global compact for migration. The Syndicate comprises migration experts from around the world with deep knowledge of a wide variety of aspects of migration. The 36 Syndicate members and 9 advisers herald from all continents, encompassing origin, transit and destination country perspectives. Through initiatives such as this, IOM is providing the space and framework to enable leading migration experts to inform the global compact for migration process with the latest thinking in academic and applied research.

The Syndicate publication comprises two components: Syndicate members’ “Top 3 reads” for policymakers, and 26 short technical papers on a range of salient topics, including global migration governance challenges, safeguarding migrant workers’ rights, combatting migrant smuggling and human trafficking, regular migration pathways, return and reintegration, improving migration narratives and mobilizing partners for action. The papers unpack policy conundrums posing obstacles to safe, orderly and regular migration, and offer ideas for and examples of evidence-based, effective and sustainable solutions.  

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Syndicate Members’ Top 3 Reads
    • List of Syndicate Advisers
  • Part II: Syndicate Papers
    • How does migration arise? by Jørgen Carling
    • ​​Ideas on Conflicting Issues of Governance:
      • Border Security, Migration Governance and Sovereignty by Susan Martin and Elizabeth Ferris
      • Southern Urbanism and the Rescaling of Migration Law and Policy by Loren B Landau
      • Environmental Migrants and Global Governance: Facts, Policies and Practices by Walter Kaelin and Sanjula Weerasinghe
      • In Each Other's Shoes: Making Migration Policies Equitable Across Borders by Binod Khadria
      • Overprincipled and Underperforming: Why we Need a Practice-based Global Compact on Migration by Gibril Faal
    • Ideas on Migrant Worker Safeguards
      • Protecting Migrant Workers: The Case for a Core Rights Approach by Martin Ruhs
      • Transnational culture of corruption in migrant labour recruitment by Ray Jureidini
      • Securing and insuring livelihoods: Migrant workers and protection gaps by Jenna Hennebry
      • Social protection for migrant workers abroad: Addressing the deficit via country-of-origin unilateral measures? by Marius Olivier
    • Ideas on Countering Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking
      • Supporting Communities under Migration Pressure: the Role of Opportunities, Information and Resilience to Shocks by Linguère Mbaye
      • How Should Migrant Smuggling be Confronted? by Jørgen Carling
      • Whatever Happened to the Migrant Smuggling Protocol? by Anne T. Gallagher
      • National Referral Mechanisms for Victims of Human Trafficking: Deficiencies and Future Development by Guofu Liu            
    • Ideas on Regular Migration Pathways
      • Humanitarian Alternative Pathways for Protection for Forced Migrants in Latin America by Liliana Lyra Jubilut
      • A Sectorial Approach to Labour Migration: Agriculture and Domestic Work by Anna Triandafyllidou
      • For their own good?: Addressing exploitation of women migrant workers by Jenna Hennebry
      • The Human Development Visa Scheme: Applying practical and sustainable policy levers to actively encourage migrants to undertake safe, orderly and regular migration by Marie McAuliffe
    • Ideas on Integration, Return and Reintegration
      • Migrants’ Integration in Host Societies and Return to Home Countries: The Case of the Middle East and South Asia by Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Rasoul Sadeghi and Abdullah Mohammadi
      • Integration that values diversity: Exploring a model for current migration dynamics by Gervais Appave and Inês David
      • Migrant Return and Reintegration Policy: A Key Component of Migration Governance by Kathleen Newland
      • Ideas on Migration Narratives
      • Media Coverage on Migration: Promoting a Balanced reporting by Anna Triandafyllidou
      • Why Values, not Economics, Hold the Key to the Populist Right - and to crafting new migration narratives by Eric Kauffman
    • Ideas on Mobilizing Partners for Action
      • Private Sector Engagement in the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration by André Alves dos Reis, Khalid Koser and Mariah Levin
      • Local and Municipal Responses to Cross-border Migration: Providing Services to Migrants Independent of Status by Harald Bauder
      • Resolving Migration Conundrums: Mobilising Partners to Provide Better Migration Solutions - the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (Track II Dialogue) by Peter Hughes and Travers McLeod