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06 Oct 2015

Migration Profiles: Making the Most of the Process

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The new guidance tool Migration Profiles: Making the Most of the Process explains in detail what a Migration Profile can entail and how governments and implementing partners can develop and conduct a Migration Profile exercise. This tool had been developed by IOM in 2011 - based on its experience in implementing Migration Profiles processes - and consists of two parts: 

Part I entitled A Practical Guide describes the three key stages of a Migration Profile process (planning, implementation, launch and follow-up), provides step-by-step guidance throughout the process, and stresses the importance of consultation and government ownership. 

Part II entitled A Framework for Developing a Template offers a revised and extended template which provides a "menu" of thematic modules that might be included in a Migration Profile report depending on the interests of the country concerned. It also provides relevant indicators and possible data sources, it further elaborates on key migration topics and includes new themes (e.g., internal migration, migration and environment, social development, health), and it has a greater focus on impact analysis in addition to trends overview.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Part 1 - A Practical Guide
    • List of tables
    • List of figures
    • Acronyms
    • 1. Introduction: What is a migration profile?
    • 2. Stage I: Planning
    • 3. Stage II: Implementation
    • 4. Stage III: Launch and follow-up
    • 5. Conclusion: Migration profiles – not an end but a beginning
    • Annex 1: Overview of migration profiles – from 2005 to May 2011
    • Annex 2: Sample promotion brochure for a migration profile process
    • References
  • Part 2 - Framework for Developing a Template
    • Inter-ministerial technical working group (TWG)
    • List of tables and figures
    • Abbreviations and acronyms
    • Foreword
    • Country map and key statistics
    • Executive summary
    • Part A: Migration trends and migrant characteristics
    • Part B: Impact of migration
    • Part C: Migration governance
    • Part D: Key findings, policy implications and recommendations
    • Annex I: International glossary
    • Annex II: National glossary
    • Annex III: National data sources
    • Annex IV: Key international instruments
    • References