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09 Oct 2015

Migration Notebook N°6 - Haitian Migration to Brazil: Characteristics, Opportunities and Challenges

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The phenomenon of Haitian migration to Brazil rose sharply following the earthquake that Haiti suffered in January 2010, mainly because of the serious humanitarian crisis affecting the country. In this context, to the main traditional destinations of Haitian migrants (United States, France and Canada) South American destinations were added, mostly Brazil. As transit countries to Brazil, the publication emphasizes Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia to a lesser extent, it happens sometimes that the transit countries become countries of destination. The analyzes carried out in the Migration Notebook No. 6 collects data from primary and secondary sources, implementing a comprehensive approach to Haitian immigration to Brazil.

Also, it has been carried out a classification of the information and recommendations identified during bilateral meetings in Brazil and Haiti conducted in 2013, between both governments and the IOM support. The study was conducted under the "Studies on Haitian migration to Brazil and bilateral dialogue" by the IOM Development Fund, at the request of the National Immigration Council of Brazil (CNIg for its acronym in Portuguese).

  • Presentation by Diego Beltrand
  • Introduction by Jorge Peraza   
  • Haitian Migration to Brazil: Research in the Country of Origin by Tobías Metzner
  • Why Migrate? Notes on the Old and New Wounds of Haiti by Gabriela Bernal Carrera
  • A migração haitiana para o Brasil: resultado da pesquisa no destino by Duval Fernandes, Maria da Consolação Gomes de Castro
  • Haitian Migration to Brazil: Ecuador, a Transit Country by Gabriela Bernal Carrera
  • Haitian Migration in Peru and its Transit to Brazil by Tania Vásquez, Erika Busse, Lorena Izaguirre
  • Encontros de Diálogo Bilateral Brasil – Haiti by Jorge Peraza, Carmem Lussi