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30 Sep 2015

Migration and the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda

As the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) nears in 2015, the international community is faced with both the challenge and the opportunity of formulating the next global development agenda.  Although migration was not factored into the MDGs, it plays an integral role in the most crucial development questions facing the world today, including: how to generate inclusive growth and create employment for a growing world population; how to manage new global risks, such as vulnerability to shocks and disasters, and adaptation to climate change; and how to mobilize financing for development in a world of decreasing aid budgets. 

Migration and the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda gathers together recent research findings outlining the links between migration and development and proposing how migration can best be factored into the future development framework, offering a timely contribution to the argument for migration’s inclusion in the coming development agenda.

  • Foreword by William Lacy Swing (IOM Director General) and Gunilla Carlsson (Government Offices of Sweden Minister for International Development Cooperation)
  • Introduction by Frank Laczko and Tara Brian
  • Chapter 1: Labour migration in the post-2015 development agenda by Paula Lucci and Pedro Martins
  • Chapter 2: Will a post-2015 development framework acknowledge migration? by Anna Knoll and Niels Keijzer
  • Chapter 3: Labour migration and development indicators in the post-2015 global development framework by Philip Martin
  • Chapter 4: Health in the post-2015 development agenda: The importance of migrants’ health for sustainable and equitable development by Davide Mosca, Barbara Rijks and Caroline Schultz
  • Chapter 5: Migration as a development enabler: Putting enablers into practice in the post-2015 development agenda by Chris Richter
  • Chapter 6: Developing a global partnership on migration and development in the post-2015 agenda by Sarah Rosengärtner and Lars Johan Lönnback
    • Annex: Suggested migration related development targets and indicators