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05 Oct 2015

Migration and Employment: Working Life in Central Antalya

The baseline research “Migration and Employment: Working Life in Central Antalya” has been one of the local level outputs of the United Nations Joint Programme “Growth with Decent Work for All: National Youth Employment Program and Pilot Implementation in Antalya”. The research was conducted in Antalya with a view to investigate role of migration in labour market adjustment as well as to better understand effects of migratory flows on occupational changes in the labour market structure. Furthermore, the research aimed to identify factors contributing to the persistently high rates of unemployment and joblessness among youth in Antalya.

  • Foreword
  • 1 Introduction: Youth in Turkey, Rural-Urban Migration and Antalya
  • 2 Demographics and the Labour Market in Antalya
  • 3 2011 Central Antalya Migration and Working Life Study
  • 4 Evaluation of in-depth interviews in central Antalya
  • 5 Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations
  • 6 Bibliography
  • 7 Annexes