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02 Oct 2015

Legal framework on trafficking in human beings in Albania and challenges faced in the juridical practice (Albanian)

In the framework of the implementation of USAID-funded project "Strengthening the capacity Albanian trafficking", IOM in collaboration with the School of Magistrates has organized several training activities with the participation of judges, prosecutors and judicial police officers. School of Magistrates has consistently supported every initiative or project that affects the strengthening of the fight against trafficking in human beings. These training activities were aimed at enhancing national capacities in identifying and assisting victims of trafficking, enhancing the quality of investigation and trial of these issues, in order to prevent them. In the activities organized, experts and participants strongly emphasized the need for coordination of all measures against human trafficking, ensuring effective cooperation between prosecutors and judicial police.

This publication is an effort to summarize the experiences and numerous problems facing the Albanian judicial practice today, particularly in identifying cases of internal trafficking. Material contained in this publication address important issues and judicial interpretation of criminal offenses in the area of trafficking in human beings; elements of internal trafficking, particularly of children; treatment and compensation of victims of trafficking; international judicial cooperation issues in this field. This publication not only includes all materials handled by experts, but should be assessed as a good opportunity for all stakeholders of justice, to reflect on the issues raised, in an effort to harmonize the positions of judicial practice.

  • Preface
  • 1. Trafficking in human beings. Legal View by Arqile Koca
  • 2. Does the Albanian penal legislation for human trafficking passes the threshold of the international standards by Iva Zajmi
  • 3. Legal-criminal analyses of the trafficking in person’s offence by Luan Hazneziri
  • 4. Overview of the provisions articles 114, 114/A, and 114/B of the Penal Code and specified circumstances provided for their implementation by Perparim Kulluri
  • 5. Trafficking in human beings and problems encountered in the investigation phase by Olsian Çela
  • 6. Issues related to the trial practice for the crime of trafficking of women by Saida Dollani
  • 7. Some thoughts concerning problems encountered during  collection of proof from witnesses in line with international judicial cooperation by Amarildo Laçi
  • 8. Treatment of victims as witnesses during the trial. Legal options for compensation of victims of trafficking and the need for legal changes by Sander Simoni
  • 9. Trafficking of minors. Problems encountered in the judicial by Dhurata Haveri