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30 Nov 2015

Irregular Migration and Smuggling of Migrants from Armenia

This study focuses on illegal or irregular migration and particularly smuggling of migrants from Armenia. Together with IOM’s earlier report on trafficking in women and children, the report aims at providing a comprehensive picture of the nature and incidence of irregular migration in Armenia in order to lay a sound basis for policy and programme intervention. Chapter 1 provides an introduction and background to the study, including why it was felt necessary, the definition of migrant smuggling used in the study and the research methodology. Chapter 2 looks at nature and incidence of the problem in Armenia. Chapter 3 gives brief description of transit migration in Armenia. Chapter 4 outlines and analyses the legislation in place to combat migrant smuggling in Armenia. The concluding chapter provides recommendations to deal with the issue.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Irregular Migration and Smuggling of Migrants from Armenia
  • Transit Migration in Armenia
  • Government Policy, Legislation and Response
  • Conclusions and Recommendations