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27 Oct 2015

IOM-MPI Issue in Brief No. 9 - The Global Forum on Migration and Development:

Perspectives from Asia and the Pacific

During the last seven years, many governments in the Asia-Pacific region have actively engaged in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) as participants as well as leaders, driving its direction and continuity. The region’s engagement has clearly had an effect, judging on the themes and topics of the GFMD.

In The Global Forum on Migration and Development: Perspectives from Asia and the Pacific, authors Imelda Nicolas and Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias evaluate the success of the GFMD and the role of countries from Asia and the Pacific in shaping outcomes. The authors emphasize that for the GFMD to continue to be relevant, the Forum needs to shape the reality on the ground, as much as the global discourse on migration and development. To do so, the GFMD could provide more opportunities for collaboration between interested governments and migration stakeholders by enhancing linkages with regional fora and processes; creating a more dynamic people-to-people networking platform; and ensuring a more focused action- and results-oriented process.

This issue in brief is the ninth in the series of policy papers by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and the International Organization for Migration’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific that offer succinct insights on migration issues affecting the Asia-Pacific region today. To read earlier briefs in the series, visit IOM Online Bookstore or Migration Policy Institute.

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Asia-Pacific Government Engagement with the GFMD
  • III. Taking Regional Issues into the Global Discourse
  • IV. Going Beyond Changing the Discourse: Three Key Steps
  • Work Cited
  • Endnotes
  • About the Authors