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02 Oct 2015

International Migration, Vol. 50(6) 2012

International Migration is a refereed bimonthly review of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on current migration issues as analysed by demographers, economists, and sociologists all over the world. The journal is edited at Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) and published and distributed by Wiley. The editors at ISIM are responsible for the direction and content of the journal.

  • Syrian Self-Initiated Expatriates: Emotional Connections from Abroad by Ben K. Beitin
  • Le Parkour: Urban Street Culture and the Commoditization of Male Youth Expression by Scott Stapleton and Susan Terrio
  • The Flag or the Pocketbook: To What are Immigrants a Threat by Deniz Aksoy
  • “Allochthones” in the Netherlands and Belgium by Dirk Jacobs and Andrea Rea
  • Back to the South: Social and Political Aspects of Latin American Migration to Southern Europe by João Peixoto
  • The Effect of Networks on the Selection of Migrants and Destinations: Colombians in Galicia (Spain) by Carmen Lamela, Antía Pérez-Caramés and Belén Fernández-Suárez
  • Return Migration: The Experience of Eastern Europe by Reiner Martin and Dragos Radu
  • Economic Transnationalism and its Ambiguities: The Case of Romanian Migration to Italy by Cornel Ban
  • The Determinants of Human Trafficking: A US Case Study by Alicja Jac-Kucharski
  • Albanian Entrepreneurial Practices in Human Smuggling and Trafficking: On the Road to the United Kingdom via Brussels, 1995–2005 by Johan Leman and Stef Janssens
  • Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates: Trafficking Victims? by Antoinette Vlieger
  • Children and Families Seeking Asylum in Northern Norway: Living Conditions and Mental Health by Camilla Lauritzen and Hilde Sivertsen
  • Psychosocial Factors of Migration: Adaptation and Application of the Health Belief Model by George Groenewold, Bart de Bruijn and Richard Bilsborrow

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