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09 Nov 2015

International Migration, Vol. 42(4) 2004

International Migration is a refereed quarterly review of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on current migration issues as analysed by demographers, economists, and sociologists all over the world. The journal is edited at Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) and published and distributed by Blackwell Publishing. The editors at ISIM are responsible for the direction and content of the journal.

  • Temporary versus Permanent Youth Brain Drain: Economic Implications by Vladimír Baláz, Allan M. Williams, and Daniel Kollár
  • Variation in Perspective: The Employment Success of Ethnic Minority Males in the Netherlands, 1988-2002 by Pieter Bevelander and Justus Veenman
  • International Migration and the Role of Remittances in Eastern Europe by Miguel León-Ledesma and Matloob Piracha
  • Refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Serbia: A Study of Refugee Selectivity by Vesna Lukic and Vladimir Nikitovic
  • Studies in Serial Migration by Susan Ossman
  • Transatlantic Dialogue on Integration of Immigrant Children and Adolescents by Michael J. Melia


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