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09 Oct 2015

International Dialogue on Migration No. 23 - South-South Migration: Partnering Strategically for Development

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This publication contains the report and supplementary materials of a workshop on “South–South Migration: Partnering Strategically for Development” which was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 24 and 25 March 2014 in the framework of the International Dialogue on Migration (IDM). The workshop, which took place under the overarching theme of the 2014 IDM on “Migration Human Mobility and Development: Emerging Trends and New Opportunities for Partnerships” examined new migratory trends and patterns resulting from global economic, demographic, social and environmental changes with a focus on the dynamics of South–South flows. The workshop assessed the development opportunities and challenges posed by the new mobility trends and exchange examples of partnerships as well as to identify innovative ideas for stronger and multi-stakeholder partnerships aimed at improving the positive outcome of complex migration trends.

  • Summary of discussions
  • Workshop report
    • Introduction
    • Scope and purpose of the workshop
    • Deliberations and recommendations of the workshop
    • Conclusions
  • Migrant's voice
  • Agenda and background paper
    • Final agenda
    • Background paper