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12 Nov 2015

Human Trafficking: Students Book (Russian)

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The Student’s book is part of an education kit prepared by IOM for schoolchildren aged 15-17.  The kit comprises “Human Trafficking: Students Book”; “Human Trafficking: Teacher’s Book”; “Human Trafficking: Booklet for Parents;” pocket-size info card; poster; educational video and PSA.  The Student’s Book was recommended by the National Institute of Education of the Republic of Armenia as a supplemental manual for high schools.  

The problem of human trafficking has become a matter of serious concern for the entire civilized humanity. Unfortunately, Armenia also faces this burning problem. The authors of this manual hope that upon completing the course on human trafficking, students will become more aware and will be able to inform others and help them take preventive measures to avoid trafficking. This course will also contribute to developing more humane and tolerant attitudes to victims and facilitating their rehabilitation.  

The manual incorporates 8 basic lessons, information appendix and extracts from fiction. By reading and analyzing these extracts students will become more protected and aware of human trafficking issues.  The Manual has many exercises including cases taken from Armenian modern and classical fiction, folk literature.  (The English version does not contain the latter cases).  

This manual was prepared and published within the framework of IOM’s Regional Project “Secondary School Education to Contribute to the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.  

  • Lesson 1. Nature of human trafficking
  • Lesson 2. Triggers of human trafficking
  • Lesson 3. Forms of human trafficking
  • Lesson 4. Forms of human trafficking (continuation)
  • Lesson 5. Youth as a special risk group from the perspective of human trafficking
  • Lesson 6. Concept of victim behavior
  • Lesson 7. Prevention of human trafficking
  • Lesson 8. Support and assistance to victims of trafficking
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2

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