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16 Oct 2015

HIV, AIDS and Population Mobility - Overview of the IOM Global HIV Programme 2005

Addressing HIV and mobility fits well within the mandate of IOM, the only international agency to deal with the entire spectrum of migrant and mobile populations during all phases of mobility.

Through its HIV programme, IOM works to prevent and counter the misinformation, misunderstanding, and stigmatization that are often associated with HIV, AIDS and migration.

IOM uses a right-based and participatory approach to bring HIV prevention and access care and support to mobile populations throughout the world. IOM's HIV and AIDS initiatives are based on a multi-disciplinary approach that aim to address the specific socio-economic factors that make migrant and mobile groups vulnerable to HIV infection.

This 20 page brochure sketches some of the factors that may increase migrants risk and vulnerability to HIV and describes IOM's programme strategies in this field. It contains numerous examples of IOM's HIV work, in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe, as well as a list of key IOM publications.

  • IOM at a glance
  • Relationship between Population Mobility and HIV
  • Migrants' Right to Health
  • IOM's Approach to Addressing HIV and AIDS
  • IOM's Programme Strategies
  • Some Examples of IOM HIV Work: Southern Africa - East and Central Africa -Horn of Africa - The Maghreb Region - South-East Asia - Greater Mekong Subregion - South Asia - Latin America and the Caribbean - Eastern and Southern Europe