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14 Oct 2015

Healthy Migrants, Healthy Thailand: A Migrant Health Program Model

Prepared by IOM in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Public Health, this report summarizes the structure and management modality of the five-year pilot programme on migrant health in five priority provinces in Thailand. Also included in the report are good practices for different migrant community settings, as well as the achievements and lessons learned during the programme. The Thai Ministry of Public Health suggests the adoption of this programme model and the relevant recommendations by all government and non-government agencies working on migrant health issues in the country.

  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Program Description
  • Program Model
  • Program Structure and Operational Management
  • Program Implementation Approaches and Good Practices
  • Program Cost
  • Key Program Results
  • Challenges and Lessons Learned
  • Policy and Implementation at the National Level
  • Implementation at the Field Level
  • Recommendations for Future Migrant Health Programming
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
  • Annex