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11 Mar 2019

A Framework for Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration

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This publication is meant to guide policymakers and practitioners’ in the design and implementation of assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR)-related policies and programmes.  Based on IOM’s long-standing experience on AVRR since 1979, the framework lays out a vision for dignified voluntary returns and sustainable reintegration, 7 principles to be adhered to, and 6 objectives to be pursued.

  • Introduction
  • AVRR foundations
    • Legal basis
    • From the IOM Constitution to the Migration Governance Framework
    • AVRR principles
  • Putting principles into action
    • Section 1: Facilitating dignified voluntary return
      • Objective 1: Migrants can make an informed decision and take ownership of the voluntary return process
      • Objective 2: Migrants reach their countries of origin in a safe and dignified manner
    • Section 2: Supporting sustainable reintegration
      • Objective 3: Returnees are able to overcome individual challenges impacting their reintegration
      • Objective 4: Communities have the capacity to provide an enabling environment for reintegration
      • Objective 5: Adequate policies and public services are in place to address the specific needs of returnees and communities alike
    • Section 3: Addressing migrant vulnerabilities
      • Objective 6: Migrant vulnerabilities are addressed throughout the voluntary return and reintegration process
  • Priorities for the future