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26 Dic 2019

Eighth Global Meeting of Chairs and Secretariats of Consultative Processes on Migration (GRCP 8)

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The global meeting of consultative processes on migration (known as GRCP) periodically brings together the Chairs and Secretariats of the main inter-State consultation mechanisms on migration or ISCMs – regional consultative processes on migration (RCPs), interregional forums on migration (IRFs) and global processes on migration – to foster exchanges and synergies on various migration topics and contribute to improved policy coherence at regional, intra-regional and global levels.

The Report summarizes the discussions and key outcomes of GRCP 8 “Advancing a common understanding of migration governance across regions” held on 5 April 2019 in Geneva. Organized on the eve of a new decade, GRCP 8 revisited ISCMs’ achievements and their continued relevance in the evolving migration governance setting.

In anticipation of GRCP 8, IOM pursued an Assessment of ISCMs. GRCP 8 proceedings were organized around the Assessments themes: (i) contribution to migration governance; (ii) structures and sustainability: and (iii) synergies and partnerships.  This Summary Report illustrates the extensive contributions by ISCMs to migration governance at all levels, considering patterns in the various structures, the commonalities and differences, as well as existing synergies and partnerships and potential for more; and looks at the interconnections between the different discussions on migration governance and how these can lead to better results.