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24 Feb 2016

Eighteen Stories from Around the World: Diaspora In Action

Engaging diaspora communities with their countries of origin is an important aspect of IOM’s global work. Many members of overseas diaspora communities remain connected with their country of origin. They contribute to their new country, but can also be powerful development actors. IOM’s Migration and Development projects aim to exchange knowledge and skills for the reconstruction and development of countries of origin. IOM has over 30 years of experience with programmes involving temporary assignments of overseas diaspora communities based on knowledge exchange in countries of origin. In the Netherlands IOM in particular builds on good results gained since 2004 during Migration and Development projects such as a health focused project in Ghana (MIDA Ghana health), diaspora engagement in Cabo Verde (Dias de Cabo Verde), Migration for Development in the Western Balkans (MIDWEB) and three phases of Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) since 2006. The publication Eighteen Stories from Around the World contains 18 stories from the diaspora, host institution and government perspectives. It shows the involvement of the diaspora experts, the sustainable bridges that are built and the linkages arising between institutions in the Netherlands and the countries of origin, e.g. between hospitals, academic institutions and local governments.

  • The Increasing Importance of the Migration and Development Nexus
  • Afghanistan by Diaspora Expert Dr Niloufar Rahim
  • Armenia by Diaspora Expert Dr Olga Ohanjanyan
  • Cabo Verde by Diaspora Expert Angela Gomes
  • Georgia by Diaspora Expert Archil Tsintsadze
  • Ghana by Diaspora Expert Clement Adu Twum
  • Iraq by Diaspora Expert Dr Zhian Sarraj
  • Morocco by Diaspora Expert Hassan Elammouri
  • Somalia by Diaspora Expert Jihan Salad
  • Sudan by Diaspora Expert Salwa E. M. Abdulah
  • Overview of Relevant Sectors per Country