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29 Sep 2015

Conflict Resolution, Confidence-building and Peace Enhancement among Somali Women

This report accounts the efforts by Somali women to rebuild confidence and create networks across Somalia. The report is a compilation of documents presented at the Seminar entitled Conflict Resolution: Confidence-building and Peace Enhancement Among Somali Women, held in Hargeisa, Somaliland,in March 2001. The seminar brought together national and international women activists to develop a programme for women's peace-building activities in the country.

The seminar briefing papers also offer an account of peace processes in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Lebanon. The papers outline action plans to assist women in contributing to the peace process.

  • Foreword
  • Editorial Note
  • Introduction
  • Summary of Workshop Proceedings
  • Workshop Presentations/Briefing Papers
  • Summaries of Closed-door Sessions
  • Annexes