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21 Sep 2015

Assessment of Priorities for the Development of Libya's Migration Policy: A Strategic Vision

This assessment report is designed to support efforts to develop a migration policy for Libya. The report analyses Libya’s current rules, institutional set-up and practices relating to migration management in areas considered as priorities for policy development, and formulates various options for the future development of a migration policy in Libya. The report includes steps and measures to be taken in the short and long term. The assessment covers a number of different policy components, in relation to both legal and irregular migration, and focuses on the policy and legal framework relating to current migration management practice in Libya and on the capacities of the relevant authorities. Designed as a practical document to support policy development, this assessment provides an overview of key migration challenges facing Libya and suggests how these might be met through government action.

  • Executive summary
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Migration situation in Libya
    • 3. Migration management in Libya: Key challenges
    • 4. Proposals for priority policy development
  • Annex A: List of organizations and officials interviewed
  • Annex B: Terms of reference for the study