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14 Oct 2015

Activity Manual for Immigration Officers and Relevant Persons in Migrant Health Care (Thai)

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This activity manual was developed through a series of consultative meetings and a pre-test with immigration police, immigration doctors, public health officers, and representatives of migrant populations in Thailand.  Although the manual is intended to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and attitudes of immigration and public health officers on migrant health care in closed-settings, it can be adapted to other target audiences at both central and community levels. In addition to enhancing understanding of the most common health issues among migrant detainees such as personal hygiene, tuberculosis, and stress management, the manual also aims to improve the target audience’s understanding of migration-related issues, including human trafficking.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Ice-breaking and Introduction
  • Presenting Concepts on Cultural Differences to Enhance Understanding and Cooperation in Work
  • Similarities or Differences Between Thai Labors Abroad and Migrant Labors in Thailand
  • Basic Knowledge About Hygiene
  • Knowledge About Basic Care for Symptoms of Diseases
  • Stress and Basic Stress Management
  • Basic Knowledge About HIV/AIDS
  • Basic Knowledge About Tuberculosis
  • Transnational Migrants and Victims of Human Trafficking
  • References