Tout droit(s): Migration, développement et droits de l’homme dans les pays d’Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique

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Effective protection and respect of the human rights of migrants, as established by international, regional and national norms, is necessary to ensure that individuals lead dignified, secure and productive lives. It is also necessary to guarantee the well-being of migrants and respect of the rule of law as well as to harness the positive impact of migration for development.

Nonetheless, violations of migrants’ human rights are still widespread. Infringements of rights can be both the cause and the consequence of migration, making respect for human rights a significant issue in ACP countries of origin, transit and destination.

This background note provides an overview of some of the main aspects of the rights of migrants and outlines the debate and issues at stake, focusing on ACP countries. It also presents good practices, together with recommendations, on how to foster a rights-based approach to migration and development.