WMR 2010 Background Paper: Climate Change and International Migration

Description : On November 29th, IOM will release its fifth World Migration report, entitled "The Future of Migration: Building Capacities for Change" . The World Migration Report 2010, draws upon the findings of 19 background papers which are released separately today. The background papers, prepared by distinguished migration experts focus on a range of different policy themes and geographical regions, providing a global perspective on the future of migration, and the capacities which are likely to be needed to manage migration successfully in the coming years.

World Migration 2010: Background Papers

  1. “The Future of Migration Policies in Africa” by Aderanti Adepoju
  2. “The Future of Migration Policies in the Asia-Pacific Region” by Graeme Hugo
  3. “The Future of Migration Policies in the Americas” by Agustín Escobar Latapí
  4. “The Future of European Migration: Policy Options for the European Union and its Member States” by Rainer Münz and Elizabeth Collett
  5. “The Future of Migration Policies in the Caribbean” by Elizabeth Thomas-Hope
  6. “Migration Governance: Alternative Futures” by Alexander Betts
  7. “Irregular Migration and Mixed Flows” by Ryszard Cholewinski
  8. “The Global Economic Crisis and Governance of Human Mobility: Can We Turn the Current Crisis Into a Global Opportunity for the Future?” by Bimal Gosh
  9. “The Future of Migration Governance and Regional Consultative Processes” by Jobst Köhler and Randall Hansen
  10. “The Future of Labour Migration Costs” by Philip Martin
  11. “Building Capacity to Manage Labour Mobility in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries” by Mohamed Dito
  12. “Building State Capacities for Managing Contract Worker Mobility: The Asia – GCC Context” by Nasra Shah
  13. “The Future of Diaspora Policy” by Dovelyn Agunias
  14. “The Future of Integration Policy” by Thomas Huddleston
  15. “Family Migration Issues in North-East Asia” by Hye-Kyung Lee
  16. “Future Capacity Needs in Managing the Health Aspects of Migration” by Greg Irving and Davide Mosca
  17. “The Future of Health Worker Migration” by Binod Khadria
  18. “Welfare Provision for Migrants: Current Trends and Future Challenges” by Rachel Sabates-Wheeler
  19. “Climate Change and International Migration” by Susan Martin

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