World Migration Report 2005: Costs and Benefits of International Migration

Description : Where are people migrating today and why? What are the implications for the world's developing and industrialized economies? And what are the key issues facing policy makers in migrant origin, destination, and transit countries?

World Migration 2005 analyses the effects of globalization, trade liberalization, economic integration and the widening gap between rich and poor nations on migration flows. It looks at the impact of the world's 185 million migrants and their potential contribution to socioeconomic development and cultural enrichment both at home and abroad. And it identifies the multidimensional migration management policies needed by governments to create the optimal return to both migrants and society, while minimizing the abuses associated with irregular migration.

Table of Contents :
Foreword * Introduction - Migration challenges in the 21st century * Section 1. Regional overview - Selected geographic regions * Africa and the Middle East * Americas * Asia and Oceania * Europe * Section 2. Costs and benefits of migration * Labour migration * Migration and development * Migrant integration * Migration and health * Institutional measures to manage migration * Section 3. International Migration Data and Statistics

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Format : Softcover

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Language of Publication: English
Year of Publication: 2005

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