Environment, climate change and migration: IOMís approach and activities

Description: The environment has always been a driver of migration, as people flee to survive natural disasters or, faced with harsh and deteriorating environmental conditions, move to seek opportunities elsewhere. Climate change is expected to exacerbate sudden- and slow-onset disasters and gradual environmental degradation. Through these impacts, climate change is already influencing migration around the world.

IOM applies its comprehensive migration management approach to the linkages between migration, climate change and the environment. Sustainable development is recognized as an integral part of this approach, implemented through disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation measures. Through its activities, IOM helps to reduce the vulnerability of populations exposed to environmental risk factors, assists populations on the move as a result of disasters and environmental change, and builds the capacities of governments and other actors to face the challenge of environmental migration.

This information sheet summarizes IOMís approach to managing environmental migration and provides an overview of IOMís principal operational, policy and research activities undertaken to respond to the challenges posed by climate change and its impact on human mobility.

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Year of Publication: 2011

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