Passport Examination Procedure Manual

Number of Pages: 
Available in French

The manual is designed as a ready reference tool which addresses travel document/passport examination pratique in a logical order, providing practical information on every step of the examination process. The book is divided into nine sections: the first eight sections representing each of the eight steps of the examination process; the last section being a Glossary of Security Features. The book describes a generic procedure – with each of its eight steps linked to the letters of the acronym “F.A.L.S.E.D.O.C.” to make them easy to remember. At every step of the procedure, the manual anticipates questions and provides generic answers and advice.

Table of contents: 
  • Introduction
  • Face/Photo
  • Altered Data
  • Lamina
  • Stitching
  • Edges
  • Document Number
  • Overseas Travel
  • Consistency
  • Glossary


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