International Migration Law N°30 - Glossary on Migration (Armenian)

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The Migration Law Glossary was initiated with the ultimate goal of contributing to a common approach to migration management through commonly accepted terms and definitions. 

The Migration Law Glossary is considered IOM’s landmark publication. It has already been translated into 17 languages and is widely used all over the world. 

This Armenian version of the Glossary was reviewed by an expert working group comprising representatives of various Armenian State bodies. The terms and definitions in the Glossary are the result of compromise and consensus within the expert working group. The working group has discussed and suggested a number of new terms in Armenian , in consideration of the metalinguistics of the Armenian language. The terms in the Glossary are in compliance with international law .  Passages lifted from the international legal instrument ratified by the Republic of Armenia are kept in the original Armenian.  The terms are listed in Armenian alphabetical order, with their English equivalents next to them in brackets. An index of terms in English and Russian has been introduced to help locate an Armenian term in case the reader knows its English or Russian equivalent.

Prepared within the framework of these projects: Raising Awareness towards Possible Approximation of Armenian Legislation on Migration Management with EU Acquis (funded by the IOM Development Fund); Strengthening Evidence-Based Management of Labour Migration in Armenia (funded by the European Union).