International Migration Law N°27 - Glossary on Migration (Vietnamese)

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Migration is increasingly being acknowledged as an issue that needs a global approach and coordinated responses. States and other players in the migration field are not only discussing migration issues at the national or bilateral levels, but also regionally and in global arenas. A commonly understood migration terminology is indispensable for coordination and international cooperation to be successful. Vietnam, today the world’s 13th most populous country, is one of the active participants in these dialogues on migration, being confronted itself with a variety of new migration challenges and opportunities. IOM’s Glossary on Migration, already published in 15 languages and now also available in a Vietnamese language version (which is based on the 2nd edition of the Glossary’s English language original), attempts to serve insofar as a guide to the mire of terms and concepts in the migration field, in an effort to provide a useful tool to the furtherance of international cooperation and the common understanding of migration issues.