International Migration Law N°26 - Glossary on Migration (Korean)

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Since its publication in 2004, the IOM Glossary on Migration has been recognized as an indispensable resource for practitioners, government migration officials, members of academia and others.   In early 2011, IOM was pleased to introduce a second and updated edition of the Glossary, inclusive of more definitions and further streamlined and harmonized with other related reference documents.  The second edition of IOM’s Glossary on Migration provides definitions for over 500 key migration terms. 

The Republic of Korea is actively focusing on issues of migration, as indicated through the rise of immigration into the country, and the formation or revision of many laws, policies and programmes.  In 2009, IOM and government of Korea established the IOM Migration Research and Training Centre (MRTC) to serve as a focal point and definitive resource on migration research, training and network enhancement for Korea and the region.  This document is the first full translation of the 2nd Edition of the Glossary, and the result of one the MRTC’s project activities in 2011. This Korean translation provides an essential resource for Koreans, as well as for others with a need to understand and accurately cross reference Korean and English migration terminology.  The glossary entries are alphabetized and fully presented in Korean, and the document includes a cross-referencing index alphabetized in English, to maximize its usefulness.