International Migration Law N°25 - Glossary on Migration

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Since its publication in 2004, the IOM Glossary on Migration continues to meet its objectives in being a valuable tool for practitioners, government migration officials, students and others and has been effectively utilized in regional and international fora discussing migration issues. However, even at the time of its initial publication, we recognized that it was a first attempt, with room for improvement, revisions of definitions and additions of terms. In the Foreword to the 2004 edition, we alluded to the possibility of a subsequent, more complete, edition. We are pleased now to be able to introduce a second edition of the IOM Glossary on Migration which we consider to be more comprehensive and which takes into account invaluable input from users of the glossary. Great care has been taken in revising and adding definitions and an effort has been made to streamline definitions to ensure consistency with partner organizations who have, since IOM’s publication, also issued glossaries on migration and related topics.

It is IOM’s hope that this improved edition will continue to move the international community toward a common language when discussing migration issues. Uniformity of usage of terms serves to greatly enhance research and statistics gathering, and the exchange of information between and among States. Mutual understanding of critical terms is therefore an important first step in achieving coordinated responses to the challenges of global migration.

This edition is currently under review. The terms followed by a * in this edition, are some of the key terms that are being currently reviewed, and along others will be published on the 3rd edition in 2018.